Kate Spade: More Than a Label


Another life was claimed today to suicide: Kate Spade’s. I knew her name because I admired it on purses from afar, but never actually owned one myself. She was a designer and I didn’t know much else about her until I watched tonight’s evening news.

[Telephone Ring, TV Pause]

“Hi Dad,” I said as I answered the phone, then promptly instructed my youngest son not to turn the channel after he plopped down with the remote right where I had been sitting on the couch. 

I answered my dad’s question, briefly mentioned celebrating Father’s Day, then said goodbye to return to the TV. I pressed play and saw her lifeless body being removed from her home that I imagine must have been superbly decorated by the coveted designer. She had left a note and sold her Kate Spade New York business a couple years ago. Her new business hadn’t been performing as well. That’s all I knew and heard from the report besides learning her housekeeper had found her. 

Questions go through my mind when I hear sad news like this. Why? Everyone always wants to know the answer. 

I can only speak from my own experience about my brother’s suicide, but know something must have weighed heavy on her heart. 

While in workplaces across the globe, everyone says people are replaceable, but truly, there is no one like you reading this, Kate or my brother. Each of us is a unique creation as different as the fingerprints on our hands. Many people can take our spot like my son took mine on our couch, but there will never be another Kate to add the kind of beauty she did on this earth. It was incredible and so was she. 

Kate Spade: More than a label. May she Rest In Peace. 

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