My New Blog: Love and Live Simply


Life can be a juggling act, can’t it? That’s what my life has been lately. I told someone the other day that spring is busier than winter (Christmas), for me anyway. Maybe some of you too. Through all the May Madness comes clarity and focus on the things that matter most. Those are the things that get done first, then everything else falls in line.

To catch you up on my graduate blogging class, I started a new blog called Love and Live Simply. It’s similar to this blog and is being critiqued by my professor and classmates. I’ve written three posts, so I thought I’d share them with you over the next three days.

I chose the blog name based on my own life goals. While trying to live “simply” is a noble goal, getting “there” is the hardest part.

Here’s the first post called Falling in Love with Lemon Olive Oil. I made a video to go with the post below.  I hope you enjoy!

Love and Live Simply,


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