On the Road Again

Have you ever landed at your destination and couldn’t for the life of you figure out what to do next? I’m at that spot.

A few weeks ago, I took my blog offline, although I doubt any of you knew it who subscribe and receive my posts in your email In Box. Not only did my blog go offline, my Facebook page went offline as well and I started turning all of my customers’ custom websites that I had created for them years ago into WordPress websites so they could manage them. I also closed the website hosting part of my web design business.

I completely cleared my schedule, so I would have time. More time. Time for my boys coming home for summer. Time for… GRADUATE SCHOOL!

Well, graduate school started yesterday and I am now drawing blanks in my very first class… a blogging class!

What do I want to blog about?

Seems easy enough to answer, doesn’t it? But it isn’t when I feel the need to create something fresh and new: ANOTHER BLOG.

I promise to write again to let you know what’s decided. I may still use this same blog address, so if you’ve subscribed, you’ll still be in the loop.

It’s raining today is sunshiny Florida. The perfect day for creating.

What are you up to these days? Are you at the place you dreamed to be only to discover you’re out of sorts like I am? Know you aren’t alone.

I’m praying for God to give me the answers I need to post for my class by midnight tonight. Answers will come. They always do.

Here’s to another new beginning… and maybe a new one for you too! I’d love to be an “American Original” like Willie Nelson… I just need to get on the road again.


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