Seeking Answers and Finding Solutions

Always thinking, fixing, and searching for solutions.

My dad is one if the wisest people I know. I realize most daughters say that about their dads, but in my case it’s really true; he really can remember mathematical formulas and the dates and times of his college classes, and that absolutely blows my mind. 

Today, when he stopped by, I asked his opinion about our youngest son taking Calculus III and Differential Equations this summer when he comes home. 

“I don’t know,” he plainly stated with great emphasis on the second word in this next sentence. “Ask him.” 

After he said that I reminded him how much his grandson is like him and his mechanical engineering ways; my dad laughed and apologized. He’s the same dad who told me when our youngest was little not to break his “spirit.”  I didn’t. Instead, I learned patience and tried taming the child we nicknamed “Tiger” at birth. 

My dad and our sons make me see life through a colorful lens. My husband too. While my dad and youngest son have a lot in common, I see great similarities between our eldest son and my husband in their love of sports and competition. 

Though my dad rarely ever imparts his wisdom to me in the way of directly answering my questions about “life,” he imparts something far greater by encouraging me to search for my own answers and solutions with much prayer. Truly, it’s one of the greatest gifts he keeps on giving to me, and a gift I hope to continue giving our sons too!

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