God Is In My Ice Cream



Standing in the front row with no distractions, the song changed and as I read the lyrics displayed on the wall and sang, I was ready to breakdown and sob as my throat tightened and my voice strained.

There’s not another way to describe it, but if you stood in my shoes this morning, you’d understand. There’s absolutely no way to sing this particular song in church with other believers when you believe the lyrics with all of your heart and soul that you are reading and trying to verbalize.

When an acquaintance told me this week she didn’t like one of my favorite authors and her reasons why, it stunned me, but was absolutely something I needed to hear. Ever had that happen? Shortly after our conversation, when I ran into a place I haven’t been in ages, Publix of all places, I discovered my new favorite author. It was the craziest thing.

There, I discovered his writings… It was like God was showing me exactly what I needed to see, demonstrating what He wants me to write through another author I had never heard of… in a place I quickly ran into to get three items. Needless to say, I didn’t leave with three.

In addition to my groceries, I left the store with two of his books, and it wasn’t even a bookstore!

My days are mosaics. I pick-up wisdom here and there… Everywhere I go and I learn new things I believe God wants me to hear and read through His people.

Even though the weather was horrible this morning, and I knew I’d possibly be sitting alone since my husband was volunteering, I’m so glad I went to church.

Press play below and see if you can honestly sing these lyrics. If you can, you may have the same reaction I did and you just may fall in love with my new favorite author’s books.

God truly is the love of my life. He is the hope that I cling to. He means more than this world to me. I wouldn’t trade Him for silver or gold. I wouldn’t trade Him for riches untold.

You never know when God is speaking to you through others… If we’re still enough to listen, we absolutely will be blessed.

God is in not only in my ice cream, but every waking moment on earth. I pray he is with you, guiding you too!

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