Ready to Get on the Road Again

If you asked me what I’ve been doing over the past month outside of work, you might be surprised and bored to hear: computer programming homework, web design, grad school research, and one additional hobby I’ve picked-up that I’ve been doing mostly when I travel. I haven’t done it a lot, but it’s been something I’ve enjoyed after having a conversation with friends at a birthday party when we were all shivering outside in the cold discussing another talented friend’s incredible crochet work.

By the looks of the pictures, you already know I’ve been crocheting too, but not like I did in the years of my youth by the side of my grandmother with a crochet hook in hand. This time, I’ve been crocheting sans-hook and it’s been a ton of fun… and nothing near the quality of the friend’s work my friends and I were admiring in January or my grandmother’s treasures.

The first project I crocheted with my fingers and no hook in my own freestyle, happy way was a multicolored blue scarf on a trip to Jacksonville that’s complete with tons of character, gaps and holes. The next scarf was actually intended to be a gray blanket that I crocheted on a road trip from Florida to North Carolina, but ran out of yarn halfway through our trip and turned it into a super long gray scarf. Finally, the last project I completed was this past week after I picked up bright pink yarn that was on sale at JoAnn Fabric. I completed it while on a Valentine’s Day road trip with my husband and felt a little silly, but cheerful wearing it when we reached our destination while everyone else was wearing summer attire in North Florida.


I still have not mastered my technique, but at the same time I am not looking for perfection like I did in my youth, leaving countless sewing and crocheting projects undone. I recognize I am a free spirit when it comes to this craft and when I am ready will advance my skills over time.

For now, if you want to go on a road trip, know I’m all in! I’ll grab my yarn, wash my hands and have the best time, leaving all my work and worries behind.

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