Grateful for Little Things Like Long Johns and Johnson’s Doughnuts

It’s funny, the things in our lives that spark memories. Last Friday I was dressing for a frigid day in Florida (a couple days after it had snowed!), pulling on long johns that I hadn’t worn since the last time I went snow skiing and happily remembering the person who had given them to me – my grandmother.

They weren’t glamorous, but they were the softest and warmest pair I had ever owned and were, dare I say it, two decades old and identical to hers. She gave them to me one Christmas and I have to admit, I didn’t appreciate them near as much as I do now.

That day I was dressing, I was preparing to attend my dear aunt Sara Joyce’s funeral in my hometown where everyone would learn one of the secrets to Perry’s most famous doughnuts, which were first prepared in my aunt and uncle’s bakery, now known as Johnson’s, but originally known as Jackson’s from 1946-1956. The secret to those delicious doughnuts was kind of like the secret my grandmother shared when she gave me those cozy thermals… Both bring sheer happiness: one from heat on a freezing day and the other from life transforming deliciousness.

Those of us from Perry all have stories about that special bakery, but I also have stories about two special ladies – sisters – in my memory that will never fade away. They are buried in the same family plot that so many of my family members now occupy.

Those warm long johns I wore allowed me just enough time to linger a little longer with my family in the cold weather at the cemetery. To remember. To appreciate. To be grateful for little things like long johns and Johnson’s doughnuts, but even more importantly, my family.

We have so much to be grateful for in this life, don’t we, friends? May we never forget it. Happy 2018! It’s going to be a great year!

2 thoughts on “Grateful for Little Things Like Long Johns and Johnson’s Doughnuts

    1. Royce told a sweet story at the funeral about making them. Julie shared too. Wish you could have been with us. Come see us. ❤️

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