Don’t Be Afraid to Change-up Your Routine

I remember saying something in my 20s about not liking routines and my friend reminding me my life was made up of them: brushing teeth, doing laundry, checking mail, paying bills, etc. Of course it was. We humans are creatures of habit. Some of our routines may include habits we’re not proud of, but we have them, and they’re really hard to change if we aren’t constantly on guard wanting to make each day better than the day before.

For example, over the summer I realized when I came home from work to an empty house that was usually filled with active boys that if I didn’t open the blinds and let the light in and find something to do with my time that a sadness would come over me. Now, I doubt my boys at college were experiencing the same sadness I was, lol, but they too were experiencing a change in their normal routine.

Besides doing something as simple as opening the blinds, I jumped right in and started taking two online college classes at FSU and am now counting down the days for them to end. Those classes completely have occupied my time at home after work more than I would like, but I definitely have gained useful skills and will take a final class in the spring to earn a web design and development certificate, which I desperately needed to do to update my skills in an ever evolving world of technology. So, it’s been good. A good change.

Routines. Change. Mindfulness. Prayerfulness.

Being mindful and prayerful about our daily activities really is the key to finding joy in each day. It’s one of those routines I’ve been practicing most all of my life that my friend reminded me of in my young adult years and I’m so glad she did.

This song I posted above is actually one of those songs that was part of my running routine in college that kept me on track. Even now I find myself smiling when I listen to it, especially when I run, which hasn’t been often and is definitely something I’ve realized is missing in my current routine that I need to add again.

Don’t be afraid to change-up your routine. We only have one life. Let’s make it great!

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