No Limits: A Mother’s Love

“Don’t hold them too much,” she said. “You don’t want to spoil them.”

I was surprised at this mom’s advice to me as a soon-to-be mother of twins and decided it was something I just wasn’t willing to do. After all, there were two of them. My time would be split between them enough; I couldn’t help but hold them and tell them how much they were loved.

There’s a lot of advice people give us when we ask and also give us voluntarily. When I complimented my chiropractor recently on his polite grown son who works with him, he willingly shared that when his boys were in college, he took each of them out to dinner once a week to stay in touch with them. “That’s a great idea,” I told him and felt like it was an answer to prayer since I’ve missed our boys.

Surprisingly, in this world driven by technology, I don’t talk with them everyday or even text everyday with them. They need space from me and, honestly, I need space from them too. In order to grow and develop, it’s natural.

But, the one thing that will never change is the same thing I chose not to give-up when they were babies: I will always hug them and tell them they are loved, just like I did today when I made my weekly visit.

A mother’s love has no limits.


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