What’s on Your To Do List?

Routines. I haven’t found my perfect one… Yet. Through every life phase, I’ve adapted. This time is no different. I’m adapting, trying to figure out what I need to add and what I need to subtract from my daily life.

This past Monday, a group of ladies and I welcomed over a dozen 2nd through 4th graders to my boys’ alma mater’s very first Good News Club meeting. What a blessing to add this to my new routine. Being at a familiar place in my hometown, encouraging kids to grow closer to God.

I’m the adult in the group who is more of an administrator than a teacher, so I am responsible for keeping up with the kids’ names. So I passed out name tags, took roll and could see by interacting with each child how different each one was with their own precious personality.

Everyone of us were their age once. Did you have someone guiding you at that age? Were you guiding yourself? It’s a good question to ask, isn’t it? Furthermore, who is guiding us now? It’s a timeless question.

Driving home from a nearby city today, I passed the exit ramp where I could have been killed in college, riding with a date who didn’t know he had turned down the wrong ramp to get on I-75. Immediately, as oncoming car lights nearly blinded us, he kicked his sports car in reverse and hit the accelerator as hard as he could. His error wasn’t the reason it was our last date, but that event sure did put my life in perspective. I wasn’t ready to die.

So many stories… Thank God. He allowed me to live another day.

Tonight, again, I’m reminded we each are here for a divine purpose. In a flash I could have been gone. I’m sure you’ve had moments like that too. My dear grandmother, who went to heaven at age 100 last week, never thought she’d live as long as she did after losing her own mother when when she was age 36.

While it sometimes feels like we all will be on this planet together forever, we won’t. In the blink of an eye, like turning down that wrong exit ramp, we will be gone.

Let’s make some great daily routines. Let’s do more than grow, let’s flourish!

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