Bound Together

Grandmother Dorsett

It was my honor to hold my grandmother’s hand today just like she held mine as a child. She’s lived a beautiful life – almost 101 years – and will be leaving us very soon… I wrote this story late last night and hope it brings you a good laugh. Truly, there is something really special about being bound together.

The eldest just made it back to the dorm where his brother arrived a couple hours earlier. And, when I say it’s been a whirlwind of a week, I absolutely mean it. Most Floridians and those residing in nearby states and islands would agree: Hurricane Irma blew in and disrupted all of our lives, leaving some worse off than others. But, the best thing it did was bring us all together, even if the goal of the violent storm was to tear us apart.

I’m not sure if other all boy + one girl households were like ours, but just before we hunkered down on the ground level of our two-story home, prepared for our tall pines and/or our ancient oak to cave into the roof before morning, my three rambling fellas released all of their bound-up energy in several rounds of ground fighting much to my dismay.

“Don’t break another blind,” I demanded after one had broken earlier in a short tussle. And, with that, the wrestlers began wrangling within the confines of a queen-size mattress on the floor.

No one let up until they were beet red in the face. Not a one.

No mercy. No tapping out. I was in for what seemed an endless show of men wanting each to prove they were the ultimate alpha male.

Two of the three completely slept through the tropical storm that broke many limbs, but no trees. A true miracle.

Cleanup began the next day at our home and abroad, all the while counting our blessings and sympathizing with our fellow Floridians who hadn’t received good news, but were safe out of harm’s way.

In times such as these, we recognize a higher power who guides the wind and waves and, more importantly, our lives if we allow Him.

While surrendering isn’t big in our home, I noticed a big change in all the fellas by week’s end and a huge relief to not have to continue repairing things that were unintentionally broken, unlike the storm’s wrath.

All the little playful moments and huge life changing events are similar in that they prove how big we really aren’t and how powerful God really is.

While most people would never wish their worst life experiences on anyone, many would say if it brought them closer to God and their family/friends, they wouldn’t change a thing, not even getting rocked by a hurricane – at least that’s my experience.

Bound together, we can do anything.


One thought on “Bound Together

  1. Beautiful story, Lisa. You are always amazing me. Just having time to catch up with what you’ve been writing –keep on recording your beautiful life. Love the photo, very meaningful. I love you, MOM

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