Little Moments

“Is it okay if I run inside with you so I can see your brother too?” I asked after parking the car, trying not to be an intrusive mom, invading a college student’s space. “Sure,” he said, “come on.” Upon entering the dorm, he quickly opened the door near the elevator and started running (like I had requested, lol) up the steps.

“Let’s go this way,” he insisted already half-way up the first flight.

“Okay,” I replied, trying to keep up with him in my dress and heels.

I had forgotten their room was on the top floor, so by the time we reached EXIT on floor five, I was breathing pretty good.

“I thought you said you’ve been working out,” he said with a big smile that warmed my heart. “I have,” I replied, trying to be convincing without breathing too loudly. When we entered their room, I got another big smile from the fella hard at work studying at his desk who planted a sweet kiss on my cheek.

These days, having one twin ask for ice cream and for me to call out material for his astronomy test tomorrow was something I was willing to drive across town to do before heading home tonight after visiting my grandmother and aunt and uncle. And, just to see the other one absorbed in memorizing physics formulas was worth running up 100 flights of stairs.

Moments. These are the things life is made of.

One here, one there, another here, another there… Like viewing stars in the night sky.

If we’re not careful, we can miss them. I’m glad I didn’t tonight.

I hugged them both tight before going back down on the elevator so as not to embarrass them in front of their peers, wishing for a moment we could take the stairs back down just to get a few more little moments like that.

One thought on “Little Moments

  1. A heartwarming story. Life goes by in a flash, Lisa, –glad you are pausing to enjoy rare moments like this with these beautiful young men of yours. They are amazing! God has truly blessed our lives with all these wonderful grandchildren and great grands. Love you, MOM

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